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Little Caesars tailgating tips

7 Tips for the Best Tailgate Ever


November 2, 2016 Crisp fall air, pre-game anticipation, and enough food and drinks to go around—what’s not to love about tailgating? Here are seven  tips for hosting the best tailgate ever.

1. Pick a parking spot with room to expand the party.

Parking next to a grassy area or at the end of a row works best.

2. Pack an extra cooler filled with ice.

Nothing kills a party like warm beer. Shop Food Lion for great deals on bags of ice.

3.  Feed the crowd with pizza from Little Caesars Pizza.

Easy to transport, easy to eat standing up, inexpensive, and indulgent (have you ever heard of anyone tailgating with a salad?), Little Caesars Pizza is the perfect tailgating food. It’s also the best value; feed the whole crowd for under $30!

Just how affordable is Little Caesars? We’ve done the math for you below.

Little Caesars tailgating

4. Have first aid supplies ready.

Band-Aids are often necessary when mixing crowds with alcohol and pre-game exuberance. Shop Dollar Tree for inexpensive first aid products.

5. Prep your playlist before the party for non-stop music throughout the day.

And don’t forget the speakers from Aaron’s so everyone can hear the tunes!

6. Bring folding chairs to give your feet a break.

Standing for hours can be exhausting, especially for those in the group who are young, old, or pregnant.

7. Invite your best buddies.

It’s all about the people. As long as family and friends are together, it’ll be the best tailgate ever.

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