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Nail Expo Healthy Hands and Feet Winter

Healthy Hands & Feet: Winter Edition


January 6, 2017

From company parties to New Year’s celebrations to winter birthdays, there are countless reasons to show off your party nails. A mani-pedi is a great way to treat yourself and show your skin some love, and your fancy nails will really shine if you regularly keep up with winter skin care.

“Taking care of your skin throughout the week, when you’re away from your nail technician, makes it easier when you come in and helps your manicure or pedicure last longer,” says Amanda, owner of Nail Expo.

So how do you do that?

Stay Warm, Not Hot

It’s tempting to turn your shower to the hottest setting. Don’t! Warm water is ok, but scorching heat can irritate skin. It’s also tempting to keep space heaters on 24/7 in the winter, but these can dry out the air in your home. Instead, pull out the humidifier. If you don’t have one, try placing a shallow dish of water near your heater. You can even add essential oils from GNC for a warm, cozy space with aromatherapeutic benefits.

Wear Gloves

The skin on your hands is delicate, so wear gloves whenever you go outside. Your feet are also extra-sensitive to temperature, so wear weather-appropriate socks that won’t cramp your toes. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are best for protecting your skin while letting it breathe. For further protection, wear rubber gloves while doing the dishes. Added bonus: you won’t get chipped nail polish or wrinkly fingers from all that washing!


In addition to wearing the right socks, make sure you have proper shoes for outdoor treks through the snow. Check SuperShoes for stylish and affordable winter boots! Cold weather can be particularly tough for athletes, so check that your athletic shoes fit correctly, especially if you are doing any outdoor training in icy conditions. Always wear the appropriate footwear when skiing or snowboarding. Take extra care to keep your feet clean and fresh, since they will often be sweating in thick socks and waterproof boots. Try a powder in your socks to maintain dryness.

Keep it Clean

It’s always important to wash your hands. In the winter, especially if you wash your hands often due to food prep, childcare, and the like, you may want to mix it up with a gentle hand sanitizer. Warm water and soap are great, but the hand washing and drying process can be abrasive if you do it too often. Keep your feet extra clean during the winter, as they are likely to be stuffed in heavy footwear for much of the time. Use a pumice stone, toothbrush, or natural scrub with sea salt or sugar to exfoliate the dead skin and potential for bad bacteria on your feet. Your nail technician will thank you for the prep work!


While drinking water is always good, it won’t help much with chapped skin. Experts say you should moisturize up to 6 times a day to keep your hands protected around the clock. And remember, your nails need the lotion as much as the rest of your hands. Before going to bed, lather your hands and feet with a thick lotion and slip on cotton gloves and socks. Wake up to soft, supple skin that doesn’t have to wait till summer for a pedicure!

Follow these steps and you’re sure to impress the friendly staff at Nail Expo. Just because you’re wearing closed-toe shoes doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a pedicure!

Pedicure Coupons

Nail Expo holiday coupon 2016

Nail Expo holiday coupon 2016

$5 off pedicure and fill-in. Expires 2/15/17.

Free paraffin wax with pedicure. Expires 2/15/17.

Construction Update

Nail Expo Seminole Square construction map

Nail Expo remains open for business during construction. Be alert for alternative traffic flow while work continues on Hillsdale Drive.

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