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VDOT Route 29 Solutions Hillsdale Project

Hillsdale Drive Project: April Update


April 13, 2017 Hillsdale Extended Construction Update #8 – April 2017

Another roadway section of Hillsdale Drive Extension – existing Line Drive – was fully reconstructed last month and is due to open the first week of April. Construction on the roundabout between Zan Road and Line Drive will begin soon after Line Drive is reopened. The retaining wall between the Pepsi Bottling Plant and Post Office has been substantially completed – coping and fencing to be installed later this month. The steel beams/girders have been set for the bridge and work has begun on each abutment’s backwalls so that work may proceed on the bridge deck. In ground utility work continues with installation of new storm water piping/structures throughout the project corridor. The existing Albemarle County Service Authority sanitary main has been replaced/upgraded in Greenbrier Drive. Please see below for current and future work activities.

Project Work Activities

Work in Process

  • Mounting coping and fencing on retaining wall between Pepsi Bottling Plant and Post Office
  • Fine grading and placing underdrain for roadway between Pepsi Place and bridge (outside existing roadway)
  • Placing riprap around bridge abutments and continuing work on backwalls
  • Installing sanitary and storm sewer structures
  • Placing shared use path between existing Hillsdale Drive and India Road (next to Homewood Suites).
  • Paving, striping and reopening Line Drive between India Road and Zan Road
  • Prepping for sidewalk installation along Line Drive between India Road and Zan Road

Upcoming Work (now-April 2017)

  • Installing coping and fencing on retaining wall between Pepsi Plant and Post Office – as well as beginning several knee-tall retaining walls at Post Office
  • Placing stone, curb, gutter and lighting conduit for roadway between Pepsi Place and bridge (outside existing roadway)
  • Completing abutments’ backwalls
  • Continuing installation of storm water drainage, conduit, shared use path, curb and asphalt base course in parking lot of Seminole Square Shopping Center (North Wing Section)
  • Install mast arms for Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive signals
  • Installing shared use path and sidewalk construction between existing Hillsdale Drive and India Road (next to Homewood Suites) and along India Drive
  • Beginning roundabout construction at Zan Road & Line Drive
  • Continuing storm water installation in preparation of roundabout construction (Zan Road and Line Drive), Zan Road in front of Seminole Square Shopping Center and Seminole Court
  • Installing storm water system along Pepsi Place
  • Performing undercut and fill operations within existing stormwater basin for new roadway section

Existing Storm Water Basin (north of Greenbrier Drive)

  • Undercut operations will begin (removing “bad” soil) so fill can be placed for the new roadway north of Greenbrier Drive. Work will be performed outside of the roadway, but please pay attention to dump trucks entering/leaving site from construction entrances. The existing basin will continue to act as a temporary sediment basin during construction. Construction of the new basin is scheduled for completion Summer 2017.

Greenbrier/Pepsi Place/Hillsdale Drive Intersection

  • Installation of signal foundations has been rescheduled for Spring 2017 in preparation of determination by state that a signal is warranted. Construction of new intersection at Hillsdale Drive/Greenbrier Drive, with stop signs on Greenbrier Drive, is currently scheduled for Summer 2017. A new permanent speed limit of 25 mph was established on Hillsdale Drive between Greenbrier Drive and Branchlands Boulevard.

Traffic Impacts

Reconstruction of Line Drive is almost complete and is scheduled to reopen the first week on April 2017. Construction of the Zan/Line/Hillsdale roundabout has been rescheduled for April-May 2017 to take advantage of temperate Spring weather. Access will be interrupted between Zan Road and Line Drive at this time. Access from 29 North to India Road and to Zan Road will be unchanged. Detour signage and a detour map are being finalized to direct drivers from Route 29 South to use the new Hillsdale Drive to access 18 businesses. The detour will last approximately two months. An additional email announcing the detour map will be distributed shortly.

Obey traffic controls and expect minor delays on Hillsdale Drive, Hydraulic Road, India Road, Zan Road, Greenbrier Drive, Pepsi Place and Seminole Court.

Project Overview

The project will be constructing the following improvements:

  • Two-lane road with dedicated turn lanes to connect Hydraulic Road with the current southern terminus of Hillsdale Drive at Greenbrier Drive;
  • Shared-use path on the east side of the road and a sidewalk on the west side, south of Greenbrier Drive;
  • Bike lanes north of Greenbrier Drive and sharrows south of Greenbrier Drive;
  • Signal at Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive intersection;
  • Roundabout at existing Line Drive/Zan Road intersection;
  • Reconstruction and relocation of existing stormwater basin at Greenbrier Drive with native plantings (to be completed in Spring 2017);
  • Bridge between Pepsi Bottling Plant, Post Office and Seminole Shopping Center;
  • Landscaping with 86 Shade trees; &
  • Pedestrian Lighting.


For more information about the Hillsdale Drive Extended project check the project website.