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Holiday Packaging Tips from Pack N Mail


December 16, 2016 Between checking wish lists, shopping for presents, and wrapping and sending the packages, gift-giving is very time consuming! Take the stress out of holiday packaging with these tips from Pack N Mail.

Tip 1: Pack Fragile Items in Boxes

Don’t be tempted to slip small fragile items in a padded envelope. An envelope, even a padded one, cannot protect breakables as well as a box.

Tip 2: Document Insurance Paperwork

If you submit an insurance claim for a lost or damaged item, you will need documentation of the item’s value. Don’t waste money on buying insurance for an item if you can’t prove the item’s worth with a receipt.

Pack N Mail recommends UPS insurance over US Mail; FedEx also offers a good service.

Tip 3: Ship Gifts ASAP

Between weather, unpredictable traffic, and human error, it’s difficult to predict when a package will arrive. Make sure your gift makes it under the tree in time for Christmas by sending packages as early as possible. Be sure to check shipping estimates for faraway locations; for example, December 16 is the last day to send packages from Virginia to California in time for the holidays.

Tip 4: Ask for Help

Gift-giving is a very involved process. For help with the hassle, rely on Pack N Mail’s gift services. Bring in your gift straight from the store and Pack N Mail’s friendly, helpful staff will wrap, package, and ship the gift to the recipient. Pack N Mail also sells greeting cards in the store—how convenient is that?

From wrapping to packaging to shipping, Pack N Mail is a holiday gift one-stop shop!

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