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hairstyles for the holidays

Top 4 Holiday Hairstyles


December 7, 2016 Company parties, family reunions, Christmas Eve service—the holidays have unlimited opportunities to dress up and make an impression. Ask your stylist at Chic Hair for help achieving the hottest holiday hairstyles.

The Baby Bun

hairstyle, babybun

Whether you call it the baby bun, top knot, or something else, 2016 has been all about the half bun. Glam it up for the holidays with luscious curls or braid the sides for a little edge.

Image Source: Black Hair

Crimped Updo

hairstyle, crimp hair

Don’t throw away that crimper tool from the early 2000s just yet! Crimped hair is coming back, but you don’t have to look like a Disney Channel star. Crimp your hair for extra texture, then brush it out or style it in an updo. Don’t be afraid to be a little out there!

Image source: Hair Stylezz

Finger Waves

hairstyle, finger waves

If you like a vintage look, go for finger waves. All you need is a comb, the hair gel of your choice, and…your fingers! This look is versatile enough for short or long hair, and looks great whether it’s pulled into a sleek ponytail or continues into all-over waves.

Image Source: Pretty Hairstyles

Hair Accessories

hair accessories

And of course, never be afraid to accessorize! Try Etsy or shop locally for a unique barrette, headband, or clip to make any hairstyle holiday-ready.

Image Source: Lilla Rose

Whether you prefer the baby bun, elegant waves, or a totally different look, the experts at Chic Hair are here to help you achieve the perfect holiday hairdo!

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